Doepfer A-188-1Y BBD (256 Stages)

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The module is not an entire delay but only its core with all anomalies (e.g. cross talk of the... more
Product information "Doepfer A-188-1Y BBD (256 Stages)"

The A-188-1 series bases on a co-called bucket brigade device (BBD) that has been used in the pseudo-digital BBD-delays.
The version with 256 stages provides a delay time of 0.51 - 256ms and is great for Karpluss-Strong synthesis.

The module is not an entire delay but only its core with all anomalies (e.g. cross talk of the internal clock frequency) and its very independent spacey and raw sound which you just might desire.

There are modulation possibilities with invertible polaritiy, a dry/wet control, feedback up to self-oscillation and a feedback loop with insert.

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HE: 3
TE: 14
Depth: 60
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"Doepfer A-188-1Y BBD (256 Stages)"
englische Anleitung (pdf);;A-188-1x Serie auf Doepfers Seite (englisch) - sehr empfehlenswert;
Here is the information available on the brand...... more
Doepfer Musikelektronik GmbH

WIth a long trajectory building synths, MIDI keyboards and designing bespoke devices for music pioneers Kraftwerk, Dieter Doepfer decided to design his own modular synthesizer in 1995 based on existing electrical and mechanical specifications of lab equipment he used during his years at university. The official presentation of the system at 1996 Frankfurt Musikmesse caught everyone by surprise and created lots of interest. After Doepfer published the specifications on his website, many instrument designers and engineers saw the potential of the new Eurorack format. Doepfer continues expanding their catalog of over 200 modules (and counting), operating from their modest offices in the outskirts of Munich.

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