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Six different function generators are fired by corresponding trigger inputs, with outputs and... more
Product information "Mannequins - Just Friends"

This one is a function generator of a different kind, or in better words on a different stage of evolution. Basically it contains six function generators which can be tirggered individuaklly and feature individual outputs, yet are controlled together. It generates more than sawtooths and triangles, but also pulses and even sine waves thanks to waveshaping.
Once the module oscillates the function generators can produce six divided or multiplicators of the frequency which is especially interesting in audio mode, even more if the mix output is used!

What else: VCO waveshaping like on the Mangrove, VC of all parameters, 1V/oct tracking and Thru-Zero FM. Great as a modulator, awesome as an oscillator!

Six different function generators are fired by corresponding trigger inputs, with outputs and indicator LEDs at the bottom. In/Out pairs are marked from left to right, from Identity to 6N. Even small triggers (>750mV) will begin pulses, sustain envelopes or restart cycles, depending on setting of the Mode switch. The sockets are normalized from right to left, so a trigger in the rightmost will apply to all six function generators.

The MIX output provides a combination of all active slopes depending on the rate:

  • In shape mode (for envelopes or LFOs) the highest current slope is output, where each ascending output is divided by its number; Identity is whole, while 3N is 1/3rd.
  • In sound mode (audio rates for oscilator use) a musically balanced mixture of all oscillators is combined.

TIME sets the frequency. The V/8 input has to be understood as 1V/octave frequency control input while the FM input is a linear input for Thru-Zero linear FM. The FM potentiometer, when turned counterclockwise to Intone will modulate the Intone parameter (see below). When unpatched the FM pot turns into a fine tune control.

RAMP and CURVE determine the wave shape. Ramp is responsible for the skew of the linear wave, blending from sawtooth over triangles to a ramp. Curve bends the slopes drastically, from cosines (minimum position) over exponential, linear (in 12h-position), logarithmic, going further to trapezoids and square waves (maximum position), which then can be PWM'ed with the ramp potentiometer.

MODE switch is pretty clear:

  • TRANSIENT accepts triggers only, generating AD envelopes. Attack and Decay times are determined both by Time and Ramp
  • SUSTAIN accepts gate signals, generating ASR envelopes. A&R times: see above. In audio rate impulses are generated by the interaction of gate source's pulse width and time control.
  • CYCLE makes the function generators oscillate, rates are defined by Time and Intone. Triggers will restart cycles or hard sync audio. If only 6N is triggered, all channels will be restarted.

Finally for the more complex INTONE parameter: It defines tempic relationships between the outputs, in different ways for shape and sound

  • SHAPE: In 12h position all outputs will work in the same manner.
    Turn the control counterclockwise and the rates of the outputs will be divided by integers, with 6N having the highest rate and Identity the slowest.
    Turn the control clockwise and rates will be mulltiplied by integers, now with Identity as the slowest and 6N the fastest. In maximum and minimum position the divisors/multipliers are determined by the number of the output (e.g. 4N = 1/4 or x4).
  • SOUND: In center position the oscillators will be unison, around the center they will be slightly detuned, producing a cloud. Turned clockwise or counterclockwise the outputs will generate chords, in minimum position a series of untertones will be produced (subharmonic oscillator) and in maximum position a series of overtones.

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"Mannequins - Just Friends"
Produktseite von Mannequins;; englische Anleitung (pdf);
Here is the information available on the brand...... more

Initially collaborating with the instrument designer pioneers monome (inventors of the grid controller) and making music under the nom de guerre Galapagoose, Mannequins is the modular synth project of Trent Gill (aka Whimsical Raps), who provides totally out of the box and inspiring designs on all his four modules so far. If you can get over his arcane poetic product descriptions, you can always find a new quirk and soft spot on with his modules. 

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