Buchla - 227e System Interface

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The four input signals of the main mixer can be controlled in level and panorama. In addition,... more
Product information "Buchla - 227e System Interface"

Module 227e is a comprehensive input and output module on two panel units width. It combines a quadrophonic four-channel mixer with two separate master EQs for front and rear outputs, a four-channel mono submixer and a microphone amplifier with envelope follower. The four channels of the main mixer can be distributed quadrophonically in the room either manually or via CV. When Swirl mode is activated, an internal LFO modulates the panorama quadrophonically in a circle and can be adjusted in direction, tempo and amplitude. An integrated headphone amplifier connects to either the front or rear channels.

The four input signals of the main mixer can be controlled in level and panorama. In addition, the ratio between front and rear output can be adjusted. The latter two parameters can be controlled manually or via CV. For each channel the Swirl function can be switched on via a button. It activates an internal LFO modulation of the panorama, which is almost in a circle between links. Right, Front and Rear is modulated. Both the direction and the speed between 0 and 10 Hz can be controlled manually and via CV.

Before the signal goes to the outputs, it passes through the master section. Here the output levels of the front and rear outputs can be controlled separately. In addition, the front and rear outputs each have their own three-band master EQ. It offers bass and treble boost and cut, as well as a Spectral Tilt EQ.

The submix section has four inputs that are mixed to one monophonic output. The module can function as an independent submixer, but can also be integrated into the master mix via the "in the mix" button.

An additional microphone amplifier can be used to integrate external signals. In contrast to the preamp in the 207e and 230e modules, it does not offer phantom power, but also has an envelope follower with CV output.

The four outputs A, B, C and D each have their own six-segment LED chains for monitoring the output levels.

An adjustable headphone amplifier listens to either the front or rear output.

This module contains both white and blue buttons. While the parameters of the blue buttons can be stored and recalled via Preset Manager in the modules 206e and 225e, this does not apply to the parameters of the white buttons. Background: The parameters that cannot be saved are classically intended for adaptation to the room acoustics and are therefore not preset-dependent, but location-dependent. The parameters that cannot be saved are: The level of the headphone output, the level of the submixer, all EQ settings and the output levels of the front and rear outputs, as well as the level of the microphone preamplifier. Even if the levels of the submixer are not stored, the "in the mix" function is part of the preset.

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Buchla U.S.A.

Pioneering synthesizer design since the mid 1960s with Morton Subotnick and the San Francisco Tape Center, Don Buchla has been responsible for the invention of the sequencer, low pass gate, random voltage generators and the complex oscillator, among others. Shortly before his passing in 2016, his rights were acquired by Australian holding company BEMI (2012-2017) and since 2018 is operated by Eric Fox of Buchla USA, based in Minnesota. Buchla USA offers the whole 200e series catalog and boats, as well as the iconic Music Easel. 

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