Analogue Systems RS-295 Expander

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Using the RS295 samples can be dumped and retrieved using SysEx dumps. The module is connected... more
Product information "Analogue Systems RS-295 Expander"

Analogue Systems RS-295 expands the RS-290 sampler/delay by a MIDI interface and a second assignable controller.

Using the RS295 samples can be dumped and retrieved using SysEx dumps.

The module is connected to the RS-290 by a flat ribbon cable. See RS-290´s operation manual.

HE: 3
TE: 6
Depth: 20
Power consumption +12V: 70
Power consumption -12V: 70
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Analogue Systems

Starting almost in parallel with Doepfer, Bob Williams established back in 1998 his own modular system with fine circuits reminiscent of the British tradition initiated with EMS in the 1970s. Despite offering initially a different power connector and panel width standard (which left a 1,5HP gap), all modules bearing the "N" on their names are adapted to work seamlessly with most eurorack cases. Still, it is worth checking the depth of your case.

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