Audiowerkstatt - MIDI-Restarter V2

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The MIDI-Restarter makes it possible to send start / stop commands with the push of a button.... more
Product information "Audiowerkstatt - MIDI-Restarter V2"

Using the Restarter, you can start and stop a MIDI slave in sync without the need to touch the master clock. – A very handy tool for jamming with several drum computers, bassline synthesizers and your modular system.

The MIDI-Restarter makes it possible to send start / stop commands with the push of a button. – Not immediately, but synchronized to the next bar of your track. Thus, you can conveniently (de)activate and reset MIDI slaves. Three modes of operation are available:

  • First mode: The Restarter sends stop and start commands one after the other as soon as the next bar is reached. This means that you can easily start sequencers and pull back already running devices to correct timing. Note: Some MIDI devices are not compatible with this mode, as stop and start messages are sent out very quickly one after the other. If you have such a piece of gear, please switch to the second mode of operation.
  • Second mode: Similar to the first mode, but the stop command is sent one MIDI clock tick before the new bar is reached.
  • Third mode: With the connected sequencer running, the Restarter sends a MIDI stop command at the beginning of the next bar. If the sequencer is inactive, a start command is send.

You can choose 4/4 or 3/4 time signatures. Additionally, it is possible to determine whether only the generated MIDI clock and MMC commands (Start, Stop, Continue) are send or if you’d like the Restarter to hand-off incoming MIDI data at the output as well.

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