Doepfer A-178 Ersatzantenne für Modul

Doepfer A-178 Ersatzantenne für Modul
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Product information "Doepfer A-178 Ersatzantenne für Modul"

Antenna for the A-178 module

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Doepfer Musikelektronik GmbH

WIth a long trajectory building synths, MIDI keyboards and designing bespoke devices for music pioneers Kraftwerk, Dieter Doepfer decided to design his own modular synthesizer in 1995 based on existing electrical and mechanical specifications of lab equipment he used during his years at university. The official presentation of the system at 1996 Frankfurt Musikmesse caught everyone by surprise and created lots of interest. After Doepfer published the specifications on his website, many instrument designers and engineers saw the potential of the new Eurorack format. Doepfer continues expanding their catalog of over 200 modules (and counting), operating from their modest offices in the outskirts of Munich.