Tiptop Audio - Zeus Passive Bus Board

Tiptop Audio - Zeus Passive Bus Board
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According to the master/slave principle one or more Passive BusBoard (s) are connected to a... more
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TipTop Audio Zeus makes up of powerful and complex power supply and power distribution components for DIY-building of Eurorack cases. The whole ZEUS series consists of separate components that form flexible power supply solutions, depending how you combine the separate components.

The Passive BusBoard is the passive component that is to be connected to active power distribution boards.

According to the master/slave principle one or more Passive BusBoard(s) are connected to a powered busboard which you can do by soldering wires or by bolting them to screw terminals.

The passive busboard offers a total of 19 sockets for connecting modules. 14 of which are 16-pin connectors as used with every Eurorack module. Five sockets are for cnencting Analogue Systems modules

The passive bus board has an internal voltage regulator for generating a 5V voltage as needed by some modules. The regulator will provide max. 220mA at 5V.
Three LEDs display the voltages present at the busboard:  12V, 5V and -12V

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"Tiptop Audio - Zeus Passive Bus Board"
generelle Bedienungsanleitung fürs ZEUS-System (5MB pdf);http://www.schneidersbuero.de/info_faq/ZEUS_manual.pdf;Bedienungsanleitung für Passive Busboard (pdf);http://www.schneidersbuero.de/info_faq/ZEUS_passive_manual.pdf
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