Rhodes MK8 incl. FX Panel (black/silver)

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This is the black/white "standard" version of the Rhodes MK8 (+FX). If you desire a customized... more
Product information "Rhodes MK8 incl. FX Panel (black/silver)"

The legend returns! The iconic Rhodes MK8 brings the sound and feel of the classic in a long-proven yet new guise.

This is the black/white "standard" version of the Rhodes MK8 (+FX). If you desire a customized one, call or mail us:

+49-30-6958087-70 // info@schneidersladen.de

Stand can be bought separately at our store.

Handcrafted in UK, the eighth version of arguably the most famous electromechanical piano once again sets the standard. Clearly inspired by earlier versions of the MK1 in terms of look and feel, the exterior of the instrument, designed by Axel Hartmann, offers the perfect fusion of the new and the old: "For the guitarist, it's the Fender Stratocaster. For the keyboard player, it's the Rhodes piano. Even today, a Rhodes can only be inadequately simulated in every smallest detail. A good Rhodes is therefore a real investment and well preserved instruments are rare. So when I received the request from Dan Goldman to design the new Rhodes Mark 8 piano, I was immediately excited," Hartmann says of the new Rhodes.

The MK8 represents a tonal balance between the early and later models - combining the richness and growl of the early models with the clarity of the later models. The mechanical parts are designed to capture all the classic sounds of the popular older Rhodes eras in a single instrument.

To ensure that the MK8 has all the important characteristics of the most popular Rhodes from the various eras, it was designed with the following pianos around for comparison: 1972 MK1 Suitcase, 1975 MK1 88 Suitcase x2, 1979 Suitcase, 1980 MK2 Stage, 1980 MK2 Suitcase, 1984 MKV, and 2010 MK7 Active.

The 73-key keyboard is precision-manufactured from spruce (with oak and beech key frames) by Steinway subsidiary Kluge Klaviaturen GmbH, and allows for an incomparably expressive playing experience down to the finest nuances.

The steel tuning rods and tone bars correspond to noble Rhodes quality, the rails of tuning rods and pickups were made of sustainable Baltic birch.

In addition, Rhodes Custom precision Alnico pickups ensure precise voicing thanks to an anti-slip device, while the flat pickup heads guarantee accurate loudness adjustment.

The hammers and combs are made of high-quality ABS plastic, mutes and felts also meet the very highest standards.

The true analog signal path is equipped with controls for volume, drive and envelope, various parameters can be controlled via an expression pedal.

Besides three-band EQ and resonant midrange filter, Rhodes Vari-Pan as well as four waveforms and audio rate modulation are available.

The effects processor offers VCA compressor (with blend/ratio control), chorus(rate/depth control), phaser (rate/depth control), and a delay (time/feedback and mix controls).


  • Redesign inspired selected vintage models of the classic.
  • Precision-crafted 73-key spruce keyboard (with oak and beech key frames)by Kluge Klaviaturen GmbH
  • Tines and tonebars in proven Rhodes quality
  • Rails of tuning bars and pickups made of sustainable Baltic birch
  • Rhodes Custom precision pickups made of Alnico with anti-slip for precise voicing
  • Flat pickup heads for precise loudness adjustment
  • Hammers and combs made of high quality ABS plastic
  • High-quality dampers and felts
  • True analog signal path with controls for volume, drive and envelope
  • Various parameters can be controlled via expression pedal
  • Three-band EQ (low/mid/high), voltage controlled resonant midrange filter
  • Rhodes Vari-Pan (with variable rate/depth), 4 waveforms and audio rate modulation
  • Effects processor: VCA compressor, chorus, phaser and delay 
  • 2 x balanced XLR outputs (L/R), 2 x 1/4" jack outputs (L/R), 1 x 1/4" jack send (direct pickup output), 1 x 1/4" return (left connector panel)
  • 2 x assignable expression pedal inputs via jack (right connector panel)
  • Rhodes custom twist-lock piano connector with flexi cable. Chrome-plated Aluminum footplate, foldable anti-slip protective mat.
  • USB port for firmware updates
  • Rhodes custom telescopic stand (L/R adjustment) in powder coated black Steel/mirror chrome plated steel with height adjustable front legs. Folds compactly for transport
  • Black ABS, colors configurable
  • Lightweight plywood case with tolex, aluminum bottom plate. Solid walnut optional.
  • Weight: 34 kg
  • Dimensions (mm): 1153 (BT) x 563 (D) x 225 (H)
Due to dimensions and weight, we cannot offer free shipping inside Germany / the EU for the Rhodes MK8. The shipping costs vary depending on the shipping destination. Please ask for a quote! The instrument will be delivered curbside.

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Rhodes - a name speaking for itself! The legendary electro-mechanical piano has inspired musicians over decades and manifested its spirit as a piece of art itself on countless hit records in the history of music. Precisely crafted quality that allows only the finest, hand-picked materials.

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