Kilpatrick Audio K2579 sequencer

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The sequencer is driven by a powerful 32Bit processor, has trimmed CV outputs, very accurate D/A... more
Product information "Kilpatrick Audio K2579 sequencer"

The K2579 module by Kilpatrick audio is a very complex two-part step sequencer  which can be controlled simultaneously by control voltages and MIDI data. It has a non-volatile memory for sequences and songs and allows for polyphonic or multitimbral use. Many parameters like playback direction gate length, step lenght etc can be controlled and enable rhythically interesting sequences.

The sequencer is driven by a powerful 32Bit processor, has trimmed CV outputs, very accurate D/A converters and offers an internal non-volatile EEPROM memory for eight songs. When powering up the system parameters and the most recent song are recalled. Each song consists of 16 sequences. Each sequence can be 16 steps long, per part.

You can program start, length, loop count, playback direction, etc. per sequence. Each sequence part can be controlled in terms of notes, gate length, scale, note span, transposition, etc. Key trigger mode allows for momentary playback of sequences. Live playback mode can override various playback parameters.

Programming is done by the use of the high-contrast amber colored LCD display, two knobs and seven buttons.

Each two CV and gate outputs drive oscillators, trigger envelopes or control other parameters. Clock and reset inputs for analog control of the sequencer. "mod CV" inputs are assignable and control various playback parameters.

Internal 10-pin header for connecting to Kilpatrick´s K1600 MIDI-CV interface allows for integrating the module into a MIDI environment:

  • synchronization to the MIDI clock
  • each part can get a separate MIDI channel for multitimbral or polyphonic use.
  • MIDI keyboard-controlled sequence start and transposition.
  • selectable key map with CC-controlled map swapping for use with small MIDI controllers.

External videos:

HE: 3
TE: 14
Depth: 41
Power consumption -12V: 50
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