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The Classic Pedal is based on the circuits of the first Grendel Drone Commander, which was... more
Product information "Grendel - Drone Commander Classic Pedal"

The Drone Commander Classic Pedal is an analog synthesizer with original, powerful sound. The instrument is composed of two oscillators, a bandpass filter with self-oscillation and overdrive as well as a complex LFO. Thanks to a foot switch plus an envelope, the Classic Pedal can be turned on and off quickly. An audio input and several control voltage connectors allow musicians to integrate the instrument in larger setups. The spherical, rhythmic sounds of the Drone Commander Classic Pedal can fascinate listeners over hours. – Activate and enjoy!

The Classic Pedal is based on the circuits of the first Grendel Drone Commander, which was housed in an ammunition can. Besides its more compact format, the new instrument offers several improvements and additions, for instance an upgraded filter, a VCA and an envelope.

Sound is generated by two analog oscillators. Each VCO comes equipped with a switch for choosing between triangle and square waves as well as a tune potentiometer. (Range: 20 Hz to 360 Hz) A mixer allows users to crossfade between the signals of both oscillators. Alternatively to the internal sound generators, external material can be fed to the Classic Pedal via an audio input.

The mixer is followed by a bandpass filter. Via a switch, users can choose between two cutoff frequency ranges. A potentiometer is used for continuous cutoff adjustments. Additionally, the control element influences the resonance. – Low settings make the filter self-oscillate. With the help of a “dead patch” at the audio input, which deactivates the oscillators, the bandpass circuit can be used as the sole audio generator. The filter sound is rough and, depending on the incoming audio level, more or less distorted. A trim potentiometer allows musicians to alter the input level and therefore the overdrive behavior. For creating wafting filter modulations, there is a LFO. Additionally, the Classic Pedal features a cutoff CV input, which processes control voltages in the range of -10 V to + 10 V.

The Drone Commander’s LFO generates click and ramp waveforms, which can be mixed via a potentiometer. Speed and modulation intensity are alterable via two other knobs. A switch makes it possible to swiftly deactivate the LFO. Clicks are generated via a PLL circuit. The number of pulses per LFO cycle can be determined via the multiplier knob. (Multipliers: 2x, 4x, 8x and 16x) Signals produced by the PLL circuit are not only used for modulating the filter, but are also emitted via the instrument’s clock output. Therefore, synchronizing the Drone Commander with a sequencer is very easy. A switch determines, whether the LFO generates positive clicks and rising ramps or negative clicks and falling ramps.

For altering the output level, the Classic Pedal features a VCA with a volume knob. Using the foot switch or gate input, it is possible to activate and deactivate the instrument. Thanks to an AR envelope with two settings, this process can happen either fast or slowly. By connecting the clock output with the gate input, musicians are able to create tremolo effects.

The Drone Commander Classic Pedal can be powered via an external power supply (sold separately) or a 9 V battery.

Power consumption +5V: 16
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"Grendel - Drone Commander Classic Pedal"
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