Doepfer Wheel Electronic

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Wheel Electronic is an universal electronics DIY Midi kit designed to connect modulation or... more
Product information "Doepfer Wheel Electronic"

universal Midi Control Electronics for DIY (do it yourself)
Especially to connect modulation or pitch wheels, joy sticks, foot controller, breath controller and sustain pedal

Wheel Electronic is an universal electronics DIY Midi kit designed to connect modulation or pitch wheels. But it can be used also for joy sticks, single or multiple foot controllers (analog or on/off), breath controllers or even normal potentiometers. In addition a connector for a sustain foot switch is available.
Up to 4 continuously variable "analog" elements and a "digital" switching element (e.g. a sustain foot switch) can be connected.

The four "analog" elements are connected to pinheaders with 3 pins. For the "digital" switching element a pinheader with 2 pins is available. The pin headers are the white parts in the above picture.
Four 3-pin cable sets and one 2-pin cable set about 30cm each with suitable female connectors are included (please refer to the pictures of the applications examples below).

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Doepfer Musikelektronik GmbH

WIth a long trajectory building synths, MIDI keyboards and designing bespoke devices for music pioneers Kraftwerk, Dieter Doepfer decided to design his own modular synthesizer in 1995 based on existing electrical and mechanical specifications of lab equipment he used during his years at university. The official presentation of the system at 1996 Frankfurt Musikmesse caught everyone by surprise and created lots of interest. After Doepfer published the specifications on his website, many instrument designers and engineers saw the potential of the new Eurorack format. Doepfer continues expanding their catalog of over 200 modules (and counting), operating from their modest offices in the outskirts of Munich.

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