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All weapons of mass destruction made by William Mathewson Devices are built in-house in Denver (Colorado). 

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121114_1 WMD - Micro Hadron Collider VCF
The Micro Hadron Collider or uHC, is dual State-Variable multimode filter. You can use it in series or in parallel configurations or as two separate 12dB filters, as one 24dB filter or as a combination of both eg. dual bandpass.
€299.00 *
Net price: €251.26

150270_1 WMD - Aperture (Colour CV)
Aperture is a voltage controlled, variable width band pass filter in the form of a Colour CV for the Eurorack module "Colour Palette" by Black Market Modular.
€59.00 *
Net price: €49.58

In stock

170030_1 WMD - Arpitecht
The Arpitecht is a voltage controlled Quantizer and rhythmic arpeggiator. As a jumping-off point for musical ideas, the module offers 16 scales, which can be edited via the so-called note masks. Melodies can stretch over up to eight...
€275.00 *
Net price: €231.09

200132_1 WMD - Arpitecht black frontpanel
black replacement front panel by WMD
€24.00 *
Net price: €20.17

170031_1 WMD - Arpitecht Triad
Triad adds a chord generator to WMD’s composition tool Arpitecht . Operating the unit is a breeze: Just select a chord and an inversion via the module’s potentiometer and switch, the Arpitecht will determine the pitch. Results can be...
€89.00 *
Net price: €74.79

200059_1 WMD - Axxent
AXXENT is an expander module for the METRON trigger and gate sequencer and adds 16 "accent" gate outputs. Each track is specifically tied to METRON tracks, making it a very intuitive addition to any METRON sequencing ecosystem.
€226.00 *
Net price: €189.92

In stock

190378_1 WMD - Axys
The WMD Axys module is an analog dual stereo crossfader inspired by DJ mixers. Each crossfader features two stereo inputs with normalling for mono to stereo uses as well as an independent CV input. Control both crossfaders with one CV...
€203.00 *
Net price: €170.59

In stock

170283_1 WMD - Chimera
Chimera is a granular synthesis module specialized in metallic percussion sounds. Eleven so-called surfaces are available. They are based on recordings of, for instance, a tambourine, sleigh bells, drill bits, wrenches, shell casings,...
€269.00 *
Net price: €226.05

In stock

200139_1 WMD - chimera black frontpanel
schwarze Ersatzfrontplatte von WMD
€18.00 *
Net price: €15.13

180070_1 WMD - Clear Fader Caps (10 pack)
Clear Fader Caps not only protect the faders of your modules, but also make them more comfortable to use. Since the covers are transparent, LEDs built into the sliders can still be read easily.
€8.00 *
Net price: €6.72

In stock

130125_1 WMD - Compressor
The growth of drum voices in the Eurorack world and tendency to make music entirely with a modular system can have the disadvantage of differences in dynamics. A compressor can help you to minimize those but you can also use it as a...
€269.00 *
Net price: €226.05

In stock

190669_1 WMD - Crater
Crater is a massive sounding bass drum module.
€278.00 *
Net price: €233.61

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