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Based not far from Barcelona, Eloi Flores is the mastermind of the Eloquencer, the main product released so far by Winter Modular. When customers often ask for a solid sequencer, we can't help to say that Eloquencer is the answer. 

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180330_1 Winter Modular - Eloquencer
Musical genius – The Eloquencer is an eight-channel sequencer with a wide range of functions. CV and gate inputs of each track can not only be used in conjunction, but separately as well. Patterns contain up to 16 steps. Via the module’s...
€649.00 *
Net price: €545.38

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190285_1 Winter Modular - EME
The EME is a MIDI expander for the Eloquencer.
€195.00 *
Net price: €163.87

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210321_1 Winter Modular - ONE2FIVE
1x5 MIDI Thru and MIDI Splitter Module
€95.00 *
Net price: €79.83

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210536_1 Winter Modular / Plankton Electronics - Zaps
Zaps – from Plankton Electronics and Winter Modular – is a versatile percussion synthesizer that uses the best of both worlds: digital control and analog sound.
€628.00 *
Net price: €527.73

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