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220621_1 Video Headroom Systems - Scanners
Video Headroom Systems' Scanners lets you scan between three video signals on two channels.
€399.00 *
Net price: €335.29

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220232_1 Video Headroom Systems - Submixer
Video Headroom Systems' Submixer is a mixer with four inputs and seven outputs, that also does wavefolding.
€238.00 *
Net price: €200.00

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220355_1 Video Headroom Systems (VH.S) - Baja
VH.S Baja is a six phase (0/60/120/180/240/300 degrees) unipolar, analog Sine Wave Oscillator/LFO for video apllications.
€208.00 *
Net price: €174.79

In stock

220356_1 Video Headroom Systems (VH.S) - Channel
VH.S Channel is a VC 2:1 crossfader normalized into a VC 1:3 panner. It opens new worlds in video and is full of features in only 8HP.
€328.00 *
Net price: €275.63

In stock