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Kick is a special channel dedicated to bass drums. DECAY time and PITCH are adjustable. The... more
Product information "Vermona - DRM1 MkIII"

Vermona's DRM1 MkIII is an enitrely analog drum synthesizer with eight channels and ten voices. The channels can be triggered dynamically via MIDI and each channel can receive on it's own MIDI channel. There's a mix output where you can set the panorama position for each channel, each of them also has an individual output you can also use as a direct FX insert.

Kick is a special channel dedicated to bass drums. DECAY time and PITCH are adjustable. The intensity of the pitchbend envelope and it's decay time is set with BEND and TIME. WAVE is a waveshaper for all those who like them hard bass drums. ATTACK and NOISE add a percussive click and some noise to the oscillator signal.

Drum 1+2 are identic and represent two channels which are suitable for all types of toms, kicks etc. Same like the Kick channel DECAY time and PITCH can be set. the pitchbending with fixed time constant can happen upwards or downwards for the classic "puuui" or "piuuu" toms. ATTACK adds a click. WAVE is the waveshaper known from the kick.
An internal modulation oscillator whose frequency goes from LFO to audio modulates the pitch. FM INT sets the intensity and FM FREQ it's frequency. The result can be atonal and are very well for bell sounds.

Multi consists of three parallel oscillators. The initial frequency is set with PITCH and the detune of the 2nd and 3rd oscillator via PITCH 2 and PITCH 3. This instrument also has a DECAY control, up/downwards BEND and ATTACK. Latest element in the signal flow is a high pass filter.
This instrument is great for creating atonal, detuned percussion sounds like cow bells. Especially at long decay times and slight detune with distinct frequency beating you can create weird hovering sounds.

The Snare has a fake REVERB with adjustable Level and DECAY time. NOISE imitates the snare wires and also has adjustable level and decay. ATTACK resembles a Clave. A filter with cutoff and resonance parameters is good for coloring the sound and to imitate resonances and "belly" of real drums. The channel can sound liek an 808 snare but is not limited to that.

The HiHats are included twice. Each hiHat channel can be triggered via MIDI as closed hihat, or with a MIDI note 3 notes higher as an open hihat. Which mens you get four hihats in total.
We find the parameters DECAY, up/downwards BEND and the ATTACK click. The initial frequency is set with PITCH. A lowpass filter with cutoff and resonance is used for coloring and the MIX parameter blends from noisy to tonal character. Really, you can achieve a vast number of sounds with these channels.

Finally there's a really nice Clap which has, like the snare, a NOISE parameter, a resonant filter and a REVERB with DECAY. Then there's CLAP which adjusts the presence of the clap impulses and last but not least a high pass filter.

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