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Sean Costello had already some experience in software development when he coded some algoritms included in the much acclaimed Audio Damage EOS reverb module in 2009. By the same year, he established Valhalla DSP, developing some of the most praised reverbs plug-ins still to this day.

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160003_1 Valhalla DSP - Shimmer (Z-DSP card)
The second effect cartridge by Valhalla DSP for the module Z-DSP is calles Shimmer which describes the effect very well. using different methods the processed sounds are enriched by a shimmer, a precious brillant touch. By Odin, as cold...
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130421_1 Valhalla DSP - The Halls of Valhalla cardtridge
Valhalla DSP's "The Halls of Valhalla" is an effect cartridge with eight reverberation algorithms, designed to work with the strengths of the Z-DSP and tailored towards electronic music.
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