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Berlin-based Tobias Münzer is the mastermind behind Tubbutec, who not only provides retro-fits for vintage synths (Roland Juno-6, SH-101, etc.), but impressed with his microtonal modular multitool µTune, which among other gazillion functions is capable of reading and writing Scala .scl files.

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180390_1 Tubbutec - Sumtiple
Tubbutec Sumtiple is a combination of a precision adder and an active precision multiple, each with three channels. Thanks to normalisation the adder can have a total of four outputs. The design uses very low offset opamps and 0,05%...
€95.00 *
Net price: €79.83

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170278_1 Tubbutec - uTune
Microtonal MIDI CV interface and more - µTune is a multifunctional tool for converting and processing MIDI data as well as control voltages. The circuit can be used as a two-channel MIDI CV interface working with the standards 1V /...
€319.00 *
Net price: €268.07

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200052_1 Tubbutec - uTune Expander
Dual expander for Tubbutec µTune.
€180.00 *
Net price: €151.26

Coming soon

190326_1 Tubbutec - Wired Heart
The Wired Heart is a fun mini synthesizer, which can be modified using external components such as potentiometers or photocells. A small bag full of components is included.
€39.00 *
Net price: €32.77

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