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Josh Thomas started Toppobrillo in Oakland, California. His Multi Filter and Stereomix modules have been long-time favorites in our showroom and we are looking forward to learning what he is up to after his recent move to Portland. 

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121043_1 Toppobrillo - Multi Filter
The Toppobrillo Multi Filter is a new/ traditional state-variable design based on a great modern quad VCA chip, the SSM2164. This, in part, helps make the Multifilter what it is, a clean, quiet, stable and very controllable filter at...
€203.12 * €279.00 *
Net price: €170.69

Not available anymore.

160186_1 Toppobrillo - Stereomix
Clean stereo mixer with four full-fledged channels, each with a pre/post selectable aux send, popless mute/solo as well as voltage control of panorama, level and aux send amount. The module has a loud headphone output which emits either...
€549.00 *
Net price: €461.34

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