Tiptop Audio RS808 - TR-808 Rimshot/Claves

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Exact clone of the TR-808's circuitry producing the rimshot and claves sounds but with... more
Product information "Tiptop Audio RS808 - TR-808 Rimshot/Claves"

Rimshot and Claves of the TR- 808 as Eurorack module with additional parameters like Smap and Pitch. Not only the Claves and Rimshot can be selected with switches but also two more pecussive sounds.

Exact clone of the TR-808's circuitry producing the rimshot and claves sounds but with additional parameters to make the module more flexible. Besides the two original sounds you can select two more sounds wth switches:
- both switches up = rimshot
- both switches down = claves
- left switch up, right switch down = mix of rimshot and claves
- left switch down, right switch up = short clicky sound

The gate input is normalized to the dynamic accent input. If nothing is patched to the accent input the bass drum will be played with highest velocity. On the other hand this allows you for adjusting the output level with the accent control.
The RS808 has controls for Level, Snap, Pitch and Accent level.

HE: 3
TE: 4
Product links external: englische Bedienungsanleitung (pdf);http://www.tiptopaudio.com/manuals/rs808.pdf
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"Tiptop Audio RS808 - TR-808 Rimshot/Claves"
englische Bedienungsanleitung (pdf);http://www.tiptopaudio.com/manuals/rs808.pdf
Here is the information available on the brand...... more
Tiptop Audio

Originally based in California and now operating from Thailand, Tiptop has been around for over a decade, providing some of the first effects in eurorack (Z5000), a whole line of 808 and 909 drum modules, clever sequencers and affordable cases. Their Z-DSP is probably one of the best effect modules available, with countless exchangeable cards. 

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