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System 80 is a eurorack module maker based in Toronto (Canada) taking aesthetical and circuitry inspiration from classic Roland synthesizers.

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190286_1 System 80 - 810
The 810 is a full-blown, high-quality synthesizer voice based on classic Roland instruments.
€459.00 *
Net price: €385.71

Currently not available

190388_1 System 80 - 820
The System80 820 is a discrete voltage controlled oscillator inspired by vintage Roland designs from the late 1970s. The module offers a full and beefy sound. It features a discrete temperature compensated saw core coupled to waveshaping...
€239.00 *
Net price: €200.84

Currently not available

180360_1 System 80 - 850
The 850 is a well-equipped utility module. It features a voltage controllable LFO with four waveforms and reset function, a sample & hold stage, two noise colors and a slew limiter. The clock of the S&H circuit can be misused as a second...
€285.00 *
Net price: €239.50

Currently not available

210102_1 System 80 - 860 Mk2
860 MK2 is the successor of the popular Jove Filter.
€255.00 *
Net price: €214.29

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