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Roboto offers two modes of operation. For switching between them, there is a button and a gate... more
Product information "Synthrotek - Roboto"

Bit crusher, pitch shifter and voice changer in one module – Roboto is a lo-fi effect delivering dirty, voice-like sound alterations. It comes equipped with two modes of operation plus some additional features. Thanks to a built-in pre-amplifier, it is not only possible to use the Roboto with other modules, but synthesizers, drum machines, a microphone or a guitar as well. – A clownish circuit with lots of musical talents.

Roboto offers two modes of operation. For switching between them, there is a button and a gate input. When used as a voice changer, the module creates effects similar to a vocoder or a Speak&Spell. The pitch shifter mode, on the other hand, allows users to alter the pitch of incoming signals via a potentiometer and / or CV connector in plus / minus three steps. Additionally, there is a simple vibrato effect. It can be (de)activated via the corresponding button or gate input. Furthermore, users are able to alter the Roboto’s clock rate via a potentiometer or CV input. Low values make the module sound more and more like a bit crusher. For cross-fading raw and processed material, there is a mix knob. The results can be tapped off at Roboto’s output.

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HE: 3
TE: 6
Depth: 35
Power consumption +12V: 65
Power consumption -12V: 15
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