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Based in Portsmouth (England), Tony Steventon has been building electronics since the 1970s and by now offers all sorts of adaptors to let Analogue Systems modules work in eurorack cabinets and vice versa and integrate banana (Buchla) connections into eurorack, and the other way around.

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130571_1 Synovatron 5ASm2Db (5-into-1 adaptor)
Adaptor circuit board for connecting up to five Analogue Systems modules to one Eurorack distribution board. It is recpommended for customers operating several ASys modules as it is cheaper than four individual adaptors and it expands...
€35.00 *
Net price: €29.41

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130198_1 Synovatron ASm2Db adaptor (ASys module into...
With this adaptor you can easily connect a module by Analogue Systems to an Eurorack bus board without changing the power cable for an adaptor cable.
€17.00 *
Net price: €14.29

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