Synovatron CVGT1 (black and gold panel)

Synovatron CVGT1 (black and gold panel)
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The module consists of four sections: voltage converter from Buchla to Eurorack 1V/oct out.... more
Product information "Synovatron CVGT1 (black and gold panel)"

The CVGT1 is an interface that translates signals from the eurorack voltage norm to the Buchla norm and vice versa. Not only you can convert different Buchla voltage characteristics to 1V/octave but also process triggers and gates. Of course the module also acts as a format interface from minijack to banana.

The module consists of four sections:

  • voltage converter from Buchla to Eurorack 1V/oct out. The incoming voltage characteristic from your Buchla is switchable (1V, 1.2V or 2V/octave). The offset is either uni- or bipolar.
  • Pulse converter: A pulse fro mthe Buchla is output at two minisockets: one gate and one trigger. Activity is displayed with a LED.
  • Voltage converter from Eurorack to Buchla. 1V/Octave input, Buchla output (characteristic switchable:1V, 1.2V or 2V/octave). Offset uni- or bipolar. Negative voltages are displayed with a LED
  • Pulse converter: generates from a Eurorack-trigger or -gate a Buchla type pulse. Activity is displayed with a LED.

The banana sockets match Buchla´s color code: red for pulses and blue for CVs. A grounding socket for making a ground connection between your Eurorack systems and the Buchla is available.

The Black Gold CVGT1 is a standard CVGT1 with a panel that was designed to fit in with a Make Noise Shared System and was lovingly hand-built. Only 5 were made (no more will be made).

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"Synovatron CVGT1 (black and gold panel)"
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