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A brainchild of engineer Miguel Garcia Blkanca, Synamodec stands for old-school analog designs with a modern twist. Fat Oscillators and tasty filters that don't cost a fortune are fundamental parts of Synamodec's philosophy.

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210350_1 Synamodec - Astrogorus
The Astrogorus is a drone synthesizer with a very versatile noise source.
€319.00 *
Net price: €268.07

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210535_1 Synamodec - Dementor
The Dementor is a unique filter, EQ and delay that takes your signals and makes sure to add spice and character to your sound.
€395.00 *
Net price: €331.93

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220212_1 Synamodec - Levitate
Synamodecs Levitate is a desktop synthesizer that is made for noise and experimental music making.
€389.00 *
Net price: €326.89

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210349_1 Synamodec - Synadrone
The Synadrone is a versatile drone and noise synthesizer that can push things with its four oscillators.
€269.00 *
Net price: €226.05

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