Studio Electronics SE1X Nova Angel Dust

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monophonic analog synthesizer, 3 VCOs, each waveform can be played simulaneously, waveforms:... more
Product information "Studio Electronics SE1X Nova Angel Dust"

To celebrate the 3000th SE1x produced, Studio Electronics introduces a new limited version: the SE1x NOVA (aka. ?Angel Dust?). Beyond the trendy white-beige finish and the pretty vintage knobs there are also some technical improvments! The second VCO offers a sine wave instead of triangle. A FUZZ-distortion for a huge saturation is also on board. The SE1x NOVA prides itself with even faster envelopes and an expanded filter frequency range.  With the new ?Custom Scroggins Techno Sound Bank? the Angel Dust features a total of 495 preset sounds! More than enough reasons to have a closer look at this californian bass monster!

monophonic analog synthesizer, 3 VCOs, each waveform can be played simulaneously, waveforms: VCO 1 3: triangle ,saw, square. VCO 2: SINE, saw, square. Sync of VCO 2and3 to VCO 1; two flters (24dB moog-ish lowpass, 12dB Oberheim-style low- and bandpass); 3 MIDI-syncable LFOs each with 6 waveforms ;four superfast invertable ADSR envelopes capable of multitrigger; noise; glide; ring modulator; FUZZ-distortion; many modulation possibilities and MIDI controllers; display 4*20 digits; one encoder, 24 knobs and 21 illuminated buttons.

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