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Very well known among guitar players since 2009, Strymon packs the same ridiculously powerful SHARC DSP processing to their first eurorack module: Magneto. 

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180071_1 Strymon - AA1 Level Shifter
The AA1 is able to amplify guitar signals to modular level. – Perfect for processing electric stringed instruments with Eurorack filters, wave shapers and effects. Results can be attenuated to guitar level. – In stereo, if desired.
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180067_1 Strymon - Magneto
Whether as a classic band-echo and spring reverb combination, psychedelic special effect, looper, phrase sampler or chaotic drone-oscillator, for Magneto there is a job in every patch. The digital module not only meticulously emulates...
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Net price: €502.52

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210629_1 Strymon - StarLab
Here we go: Strymon's second Eurorack FX module - the StarLab. The mission of Strymon's StarLab is to provide the finest possible reverb for modular systems (and it possibly is). But it is much more than a reverb module and offers an...
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