Steady State Fate - Entity Bass Drum (Black)

Steady State Fate - Entity Bass Drum (Black)
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The Entity Bass Drum's core is a high-quality resonant filter which generates a percussive sine... more
Product information "Steady State Fate - Entity Bass Drum (Black)"

*Limited Version with black frontpanel - only 30 units worldwide*

An ultra-fat, punchy bass drum and even way more than that because the module unifies a resonant filter, an AD envelope and a VCA with a transistor saturation stage. External audio signals can be patched both into the filter and the VCA, merged wit hthe bass drum signal or processed individually. A single VCO is sufficient to turn the module into a solid Acid voice!

No generic ICs are used but high-grade audio operation amplifiers and some discrete circuitry. The module is entirely voltage controllable.

The Entity Bass Drum's core is a high-quality resonant filter which generates a percussive sine wave when excited by a trigger ar the input. Manual pitch range is 8Hz to approximately 2.2kHz, via FM-CV higher and lower frequencies are possible. The temperature compensated circuitry tracks three to four octaves via the 1V/octave input.
"Ring" controls the decay time of the filter, making both short percussive and almost infinitely long sounds possible.
The unique parameter "Body" simulates in a subtle way the tension of a drum skin. Its effect is amplified by other parameters and it is very useful for adjustingthe bass drum in the mix.

The internal Rise/Fall envelope generator is a function generator with time ranges from 1ms to almost a minute. For each envelope segmetn the characteristic is switchable between exponential, linear and logarithmic.
Whether the envelope has an effect, this determines the sqwith underneath the FM-LVL potentiometer: selectable is envelope only, envelope plus FM-CV or FM-CV only. The "FM LVL" cointrol is bipolar.
"ENV+" is the direct envelope output. The unique "Duck Out" emits an inverted version of the envelope with a positive offset, Patched to a VCA's control voltage input the VCA turns into a slow compressor bacuse it stays open when the envelope is off and gets quieter when the envelope is fired.

The output section is a parallel signal processor mixing a voltage at the "ENV CV" or "AMP CV" inputs with the output signal. The effect resembles a parallel compression. The amount of transistor saturation and the output level are adjusted in this stage as well.
The A-MIX input accepts external signals and ijects them to the VCA, merging them with the bassdrum. The input can be used for generating feedbacks as well. If a bass drum i not needed at a given time, you might as well use the module as a VCA with integrated envelope.

F-MIX adds even more salt to the soup because it is an filter audio input aloowing you to use the module as a backend. Just patch an oscillator signal into it - the module gives you the rest of a synth voice with its filter, VCA, envelope and saturation, which is great for acid sounds! The F-MIX signal can be merged with the nominal output.
On the other hand F-MIX can be used as an auxilliary trigger input which has a weaker "pinging" but is pulse width sensitive - really cool for creative triggering!

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HE: 3
TE: 14
Depth: 16
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