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Based in Paris, Squarp is all about sequencing and making your connection to computers and modulars much easier.

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180049_1 Squarp - Hermod
The Hermod is a generously equipped sequencer module with eight tracks. Besides pitch and gate voltages, it is also possible to generate clock and modulation signals. Melodies and rhythms can be recorded in real-time or step-by-step....
€469.00 *
Net price: €394.12

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180048_1 Squarp - Pyramid Mk3
The Pyramid Mk3 is a powerful hardware sequencer with 64 polyphonic tracks, chord and scale functions, twelve dynamic MIDI effects plus parameter automation. Melodies and rhythms can be recorded / entered via a piano roll editor or...
€735.00 *
Net price: €617.65

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200213_1 Squarp - Rample
High-Quality 4-voice sample player & audio processor with "infinite" sample length, layering and up to five audio-effects per each channel.
€292.00 *
Net price: €245.38

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