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Besides being Director of Electronic Music at Princeton University and the Director of PLOrk (Princeton Laptop Orchestra), Jeff Snyder still finds time to run Snyderphonics, creators the Manta tactile controller and the Manta Mate module, which translates all sorts of MIDI and HID signals into CV.

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190380_1 Snyderphonics - Manta Bundle
The Manta Bundle consists of the Manta and the Manta Mate. Manta is a controller with 48 hexagonal touch surfaces, two slider surfaces and four simple "buttons". In addition to notes and velocity, the touch pads also send MIDI CC data....
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170109_1 Snyderphonics - Manta Mate
Gateway to the analog world – The Manta Mate translates MIDI data into analog control voltages. Signals are fed to the module via USB A and USB B ports. For emitting control voltages, there are four outputs featuring high-resolution...
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