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Dan Snazelle's modules and stompboxes don´t offer any vanilla, run-of-the-mill sounds and CV possibilities. The psychodelia and weirdness don't stop at the faceplate design.

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170272_1 Snazzy FX - Eternal Spring
Eternal Spring is a low-pass filter with personality. Depending on its drive and resonance settings, the circuit can add a little bit of saturation, a good amount of dirt or heavy distortion to incoming audio material. Occasionally,...
€179.00 *
Net price: €150.42

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130494_1 Snazzy FX - Telephone Game
If ET is able to phone home with this device, we just don't know. But without a doubt the Telephone Game can generate a plethora of weird random. It's five sample & holds connected in series, just like a shift register and partially it...
€258.00 * €325.00 *
Net price: €216.81

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