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Two filters are available at the instrument module. The first one has 12dB and 24dB low passes,... more
Product information "Sidsonic Libraries - TUBES!"

Sidsonic Libraries´ second product, the piercing and wicked sample library TUBES! is based just as it´s brother Circus Circuit on the NI Kontakt Player and offers you 134 multi samples of vacuum tube machines. To be precise Metasonix products have been sampled for this library; on the one hand the tube synthesizer s-1000 Wretchmachine and on the other the out-of-production distortions/destroyers KV-10 Assblaster and the great TM-7 Scrotum Smasher.

Those who can´t afford the Wretchmachine or have no chance ot get the other units but absolutely want to use their tube sound should definitely have a look on this sample library.

Two filters are available at the instrument module. The first one has 12dB and 24dB low passes, a Pro53 lowpass, a ladder lowpass and a voveler. The second filter has a 12dB bandpass, 12dB and 24dB highpasses and the voveler. Besides this you will find effects: Phasesr/Flanger, Chorus and a delay as Send-FX and  Cabinet, (Pre-)Amp, Rotator and Stereo Modeller as Insert FX.

Two ADHSR envelopes with up to five modulation destinations and two synchable LFOs with up to six destinations are available for modulation duties.

The TUBES! sample library contains 134 multisample sets with more than 16GB tube sound in 24Bit / 96kHz. It is fully playable with three velocity zones, is easy to install and runs on Mac and Windows, either as a standalone instrument, as AU-, VST- or RTAS plug-in. several filters,

mit über 16GB Röhrensound in 24Bit / 96kHz. Sie ist mit drei Velocity-Zonen voll spielbar, ist einfach zu installieren und läuft auf Mac und Windows, entweder als Standalone-Instrument, als AU-, VST- oder RTAS-Plug-In.

The sample library is delivered in a cardbord box containing 2 DVDs and a 36-page booklet.

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"Sidsonic Libraries - TUBES!"
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