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The Eurorack-institution located close to the pulsating heart of Kreuzberg at "Kotti" is always there to fulfill your synth-related desires. We love to serve you the juiciest bits of Eurorack-prime-cut with a selection of the tastiest synth-sauces available.

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210005_1 I2C Connector Cable
3-pole I2C Connector Cable 20 cm long
€4.00 *
Net price: €3.36

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240069_1 MIDI DIN to TRS Type B Adaptor
MIDI-format-wars! This Adapter connects your standard MIDI DIN cable to TRS Type B.
€4.00 *
Net price: €3.36

In stock

230590_1 Patch Cables by SchneidersLaden (Pack of 14...
Schneidersladen Patch Cable. Designed by us and your "best choice" patch cable set.
€18.00 *
Net price: €15.13

In stock

170199_1 RENTAL SYSTEM Schneidersladen Studio Edition
Complete modular system with 19 modules of different manufacturers arranged by us especially for studio productions. We rent this system per week and exclusively to companies (record label, studio e.g.) with an official residence in...
€150.00 *
Net price: €126.05

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