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Dave Rossum needs no presentation, yet we still need to do it. He is responsible for the creation of the extremely rare to find E-mu Modular System, the iconic E-mu SP-1200 sample-based drum machine and worked to make the Oberheim 4-Voice and the Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 possible. His knowledge of over 45 years is getting now condensed into the currently available modules, which do not rely at all in nostalgic recreations. 

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160227_1 Rossum Electro-Music - Assimil8or
Thanks to E-Mu, Dave Rossum probably has more experience with professional hardware samplers than anyone else in the Eurorack business. The Assimil8or is an eight-voice, multi-timbral sampling module which can record mono or stereo...
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Net price: €922.69

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160007_1 Rossum Electro-Music - Evolution
1973 - Dave Rossum tackles the core of Moog's cascade filter, revises the rest and uses it as a base for the 2100 low pass filter from the E-Mu modular system. 2015 - the evolution of the 2100, Dave's favorite filter, takes place and the...
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Net price: €460.50

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190283_1 Rossum Electro-Music - Linnaeus
Linnaeus is a stereo state variable filter with Thru Zero capability.
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Net price: €502.52

Expected to arrive on: 20 April 2023

160278_1 Rossum Electro-Music - Morpheus
The Morpheus is a premium 14-pole stereo digital filter, originating from the legendary Emu Morpheus synthesizer and its Z-Plane technology from 1993. It uses complex filter configurations modeling resonant sound characteristica and...
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Net price: €552.94

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190181_1 Rossum Electro-Music - Panharmonium
Re-Synthesis - with the Rossum Panharmonium now also available in Eurorack! With the Panharmonium you can analyze the spectrum of any audio signal, convert it in real time and re-synthesize it with one to 33 oscillators. This really...
€658.00 *
Net price: €552.94

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