RENTAL SYSTEM Schneidersladen Studio Edition

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This system consists of modules that were chosen by us for their sound quality, functionality... more
Product information "RENTAL SYSTEM Schneidersladen Studio Edition"

Complete modular system with 19 modules of different manufacturers arranged by us especially for studio productions. We rent this system per week and exclusively to companies (record label, studio e.g.) with an official residence in Berlin

rental price: 150,00 EUR incl. VAT. / week
deposit: 1.250,00 EUR incl. MwSt.

The system has to be picked up in our shop. Please ask for availability by phone or email. Thank you!

This system consists of modules that were chosen by us for their sound quality, functionality and usability. The modules can be roughly broken up into four categories.

SOUND GENERATORS: - Furthrrr Generator
A classic, analog dual oscillator inspired by Don Buchla. Both oscillators are capable of modulating each other in a plethora of ways. It offers the full spectrum of analog sounds.

Industrial Music Electronics - Piston Honda Mk II
THE dirty Wavetable Oscillator. Makes an awesome Team with the Minimod VCF (see below)!

Doepfer - A-110-4
in this system this oscillator was thought of as a modulation oscillator for the other two. Through its special form of FM synthesis it can, however, generate great bass sounds, percussions, or glass like sounds.

Mutable Instruments - Rings
Depending on application, the rings can be used for plucked or membrane sounds, or as a complex filter.


AJH - Minimod Transistor Ladder Filter
An extremely good replica of the most classic of all filters: the Minimoog. Additionally it contains a 3 channel mixer.

Toppobrillo - Multifilter
In contrast to the AJH, which only offers one mode, this is a multimode filter. It’s an excellent counterpart to the Moog sound. Like every Oscillator it can be used as a sinus oscillator when the resonance is turned up

Vermona - TwinVCA
At the end of the signal chain wait normally the VCAs with which one can control the loudness. The TwinVCA is characterized amongst these as having a very high precision. Because it also offers a gain boost of factor 4, it can also be used to adjust external signals to modular level, which can then be processed in the system.

Make Noise - Optomix
In contrast to the precise Vermona TwinVCA the Optomix has a peculiar behavior. It is slew and damped the signal. It is, howver, mostly used as a VCA. That has to do with the electronic components used, namely Vactrols. That which may seem sloppy at first is especially interesting for making wood, drum like sounds,  very deep bass sounds, or to fatten up external chords.

Circuit Abbey - Twiggy 
A double ring modulator with which all the sound generators in the system can modulate each other to make gong or bell like sounds. If one sends an envelope into one of the inputs it will behave like a VCA: this is practical in the event that the other VCAs are already in use.

Erica Pico - DSP
MultiFX module - handy for the end of the signal chain.


Make Noise - Maths
This module combines almost all the important techniques which make the current modular Renaissance so interesting. At first sight it may seem a bit confusing. In order to make its functions clearer we will talk about its use as an LFO or envelope. Because this module can change its role in every patch, one can learn the most important techniques with it. There is a Maths-Illustrated-Supplement in which the 33 or so functions of the module are illustrated and explained. Additionally it offers thru channel 2 and 3 two attenuators, inverters, or offset modes.

Intellijel - Dual ADSR
Classic ADSR envelope with a couple of extra functions. Most of the time one uses simple AD envelopes in a Modular system, because they suffice for most sequencer applications. If one plugs in a keyboard, however, one should reach for the ADSR.

Vermona - FOURmulator
A quadruple LFO that can be synchronized externally. Every period of the LFO also outputs an additional trigger. Because of this one can also use it as a clock for sequencer or to trigger envelopes from time to time. Its size is intentional, because it’s the rhythmic heart of every system.

Make Noise - Rene Mk I
This sequencer concept is only available in Eurorack. Instead of always running forward, the Rene expands the concept of a sequence to a plane. It has an individual input to drive the Sequence in the horizontal direction and one to drive it vertically. It can of course also create basic linear sequences. But its strength is Polyrhythmic figures.



ARC - Serge Audio Mixer
Small and good 2*4 Audio Mixer.

Mutable Instruments - Shades
3 channel principally for CV. It can also mix audio signals. The Shades offers the basic operations to work with control voltage: attenuation, inversion and offset. Every channel has an LED for maximal flexibility and control.

Mutable Instruments - Kinks
"Advanced" Utility offering functions like Rectification, Logic and Sample-and-Hold. Also has an inbuilt white noise source.

Intellijel - Buffered Multiple
Anytime a module with only one input should be sent to 2 or three other modules, one needs a multiple to copy and split this signal. The buffered mult can do this without a signal drop at the output.

Mutable Instruments - Yarns - MIDI to CV
This module allows one to connect any midi speaking module- in particular the connection with Logic or Ableton- to the modular system. It simultaneously functions as a translator of digital midi code to Control Voltage: it can output frequency (pitch),  gate (notelength), and trigger (clcock) out of 4 individual channels. The Yarns also has a sequencer and an arpeggiator on board.

Doepfer - A-160-2

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