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Purrrtronics makes mewdules prrrroudly designed in Italy and handcrafted in UK.

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190440_1 Purrtronics - Blender Six
Blender Six is a transistor audio mixer with six channels. Thanks to sub outputs, the module can also be used in a 2x3 channel configuration. While moving the volume faders from left to right, you’ll notice a “click” in the middle. Up to...
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Net price: €108.41

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180327_1 Purrtronics - Resonant Quadruple Lo-Pass Gate
The RQLPG consists of four lo-pass gates. Despite its classic, optocoupler-based circuit design, the module’s sound is exceptionally hard. Using the RQLPG’s resonance controls, audio signals can be sharpened very nicely. High values make...
€232.00 * €281.71 *
Net price: €200.00

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