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Based in the north east of Poland, Polyend was founded by Piotr Raczyński and contiously offer interfacing solutions to connect modulars with other MIDI dependant devices. 

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230609_1 Polyend - Play+
The Polyend Play+ takes the concept of its predecessor and expands it with synth engines, stereo samples and more!
€799.00 *
Net price: €671.43

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240322_1 Polyend - Tracker Mini
Polyend Tracker Mini — A pocket-sized studio for the tracker-minded.
€599.00 *
Net price: €503.36

In stock

240244_1 Polyend - Tracker+
Tracker fans rejoice! The Tracker+ is Polyend's beloved OG Tracker with upgraded plus capacity - more of more!
€799.00 *
Net price: €671.43

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240362_1 Polyend – Play (Demo Unit)
The Polyend Play is a highly intuitive and inspiring sampler and sequencer that allows anyone and everyone to instantly create exciting creations.
€449.00 * €499.00 *
Net price: €377.31

In stock