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Based in the north east of Poland, Polyend was founded by Piotr Raczyński and contiously offer interfacing solutions to connect modulars with other MIDI dependant devices. 

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190307_1 Polyend - Poly 2
Poly 2 is a multi-channel or polyphonic MIDI-CV interface with all kinds of clever features. Thanks to the display and push encoder the module is easy to operate. It offers a plethora of CV outputs, including a four-channel MIDI-CV...
€349.00 *
Net price: €293.28

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190308_1 Polyend - Preset
Preset is, as the name suggests, a digital preset manager for Eurorack systems.
€399.00 *
Net price: €335.29

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170350_1 Polyend - Seq
Intuitive and beautiful! – With the Seq, even people normally opposed to step sequencers will have lots of fun. Thanks to its body, which is made of oak and aluminum, the machine looks more like an acoustic instrument than an electronic...
€999.00 *
Net price: €839.50

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200061_1 Polyend - Tracker
Tracker is a standalone tracker sequencer with sampler, wavetable and granular synthesizer and FM radio.
€488.00 *
Net price: €410.08

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