Plankton Electronics - The Jellyfish desktop

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The effect has a mono input but two outputs, each one per delay line. The signals of both delays... more
Product information "Plankton Electronics - The Jellyfish desktop"

Not in production anymore. SALE of the very last unit (as long as stock lasts).

The Jellyfish is a great sounding dual digital delay with two individual delay sections. Each contains a LFO or CV inputs for modulating the delay time, separate wet and dry controls, feedback etc. Really impressive is the cross-delay function where both delays interact. In parallel mode pseudo-stereo is possible.

The effect has a mono input but two outputs, each one per delay line. The signals of both delays are mixed at output 1; in "Parallel" mode each delay has it's individual output.
Both delay lines are identical, have separate controls and are based on a digital PT2399 delay chip with a delay time of 27-570 miliseconds. The delay time is set with coarse and fine controls very exactly, joined by a LFO with two waveforms (triangle, square), a frequency range of 0.33-3.12Hz and adjustable modulation depth. Alternatively you can use a control voltage instead of the LFO. The "infinite" switch sets the feedback into extreme ranges up to inifnite feedback and oscillation. Separate controls for dry and wet signals are available.

The "Xdelay" mode is very exciting as the feedback loops of the delays are crossed. The first delay's output is sent to the input of the second one and vice versa. The feedback control of delay 2 must be turned up in order to hear something in this mode and it's the volume control for the second delay at the same time.
No matter if in mixed mono mode or in parallel mode, the Xdelay warrants wicked sounds!

A bypass switch is included of course. The audio input accepts line, instrument and synth signals.

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"Plankton Electronics - The Jellyfish desktop"
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