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The GenXpander contains of four parts: The waveshaper circuitry needs simultaneously a... more
Product information "Pittsburgh Modular - GenXpander"

Discontinued model.

As you can already guess by the name the GenXpander is an expansion module for Pittsburgh´s Generator module. It adds some waveshaping, individual outputs, enhanced internal FM and phase-inversion based timbral effects.

The GenXpander contains of four parts:

  • The waveshaper circuitry needs simultaneously a triangle and a square from one or two of genereator´s oscillators in order to generate a pulse and a sawtooth. Two switches select which VCO(s) provides the waveforms. If both waves come from the same oscillator then the result will be a clean sawtooth. If the waves come from different oscillators, an interesting waveform is created which can be modulated from sawtooth over triangle to square.
  • The Generator´s internal FM from GEN1 to GEN2 is pre-set to use the variable waveform for modulation. The FM wave switch of the expander allows for selecting the variable waveform or the triangle as modulator.
  • individual outputs for traingle and square waves of the Generator 1 and 2
  • BAD outputs: This section detects odd and even harmonics, can mix frequencies and waveshape the signals. This happens by inverting the triangle polarity depending on the frequency relation of both oscillators.
    -OE output: (odd/even): if the difference between the oscillators is an even number then triangle of first oscillator has normal polarity. If the differenc is even, the polarity is inverted.
    -DIF output: changes the polarity of second triangle in dependence of the frequency difference.

HE: 3
TE: 8
Depth: 37
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