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OTO Machines' Biscuit has become already an unobtainable modern classic. Despite that, the currently available BIM, BAM, BOUM desktop boxes are some of the most beloved effect units of our catalog. OTO Machines design, assemble and test all units from their workshop in central Paris, using quality parts sourced from local companies,

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160097_1 OTO - BAM
Space Generator is the BAM's byname, a stereo reverb effect which is inspired by the digital reverb units of the late 70s / early 80s. It simlulates the algorithms, frequency spectra and artefacts of those units being responsible for...
€568.00 *
Net price: €477.31

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150233_1 OTO - BIM
A long time of silence settled over OTO and we're still reminiscing about their great Biscuit, but now they return with a smasher: a stunning 12Bit stereo delay which instantly amazed us! It sombines analog signal processing with AD/DA...
€538.00 *
Net price: €452.10

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180017_1 OTO - BOUM
The BOUM is an analog stereo processor, consisting of a „One-knob“ compressor, a multi-mode distortion circuit and a smooth low-pass filter. Its mission is to enrich audio material with warmth, thickness and, if desired, a lot of...
€568.00 *
Net price: €477.31

Expected to arrive on: 6 October 2022

OTO - Ersatznetzteil OTO - Ersatznetzteil
€15.00 *
Net price: €12.61

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