Moon Modular M511c VC-ADSR

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Voltage controlled ADSR-envelope generator with times ranging from 1ms to 20s. Each parameter... more
Product information "Moon Modular M511c VC-ADSR"

Fully voltage controlled ADSR-envelope generator with a convenient trigger button and an internal VCA for controlling the output level.

Voltage controlled ADSR-envelope generator with times ranging from 1ms to 20s. Each parameter has an own attenuated CV input. The CV inputs are cascaded, if there´s a CV in the Attack-CV-input it will be distributed also to the parameters D, S and R. This allows for controlling all four parameters with only one voltage. Another CV input controls the output level of the envelope - very practical for velocity! If no voltage is applied to this input the output level can be controlled manually. You an fire the envelope also with a gate button.
Output voltages: 0 to 10V and 0 to -10V

HE: 5
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"Moon Modular M511c VC-ADSR"
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Moon Modular

Moon Modular is a Berlin company specialized in 5U (Moog-format) cabinets and modules with an astronomical sound, yet terrestrial price. 

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