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Modor is a company from Belgium particularly known for their flagship digital synthesizer the NF-1. 

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200361_1 MODOR - DR-2
DR-2 is a six-voice digital drum synthesizer with 128 step sequencer and a very tidy user interface.
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150276_1 MODOR - NF-1 - New Version
The NF-1 is a digital, polyphonic hardware synthesizer. Despite its classic structure, this white beast is far more versatile than a virtual analog instrument, as each synthesis section offers some rather unusual features. The NF-1 is an...
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Net price: €1,049.58

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170331_1 MODOR - NF-1m
The NF-1m is a more compact version of the polyphonic digital synthesizer NF-1 . It includes all features of its big brother. The structure resembles a virtual analog. However, in terms of sound, the Modor guys go their own way. The...
€613.00 *
Net price: €515.13

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