Modcan - CV Record

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Two channels are available for recording control voltages like analog sequences, another... more
Product information "Modcan - CV Record"

Just like a sampler that records audio signals, a CV recorder will record control voltage courses from LFOs, envelope generators, joysticks etc. and can play them back when triggered, can loop them or play in different directions.

Modcan´s CV recorder can record CVs on two channels and in addition clocks and triggers on a thrid channel. The maximal resolution is 44.1kHz which makes it possible to record audio, even in stereo. The memory is non-volatile so your recordings remail memorized after powering down your modular system.

Two channels are available for recording control voltages like analog sequences, another channel records clocks or triggers in order to synchronise firing of envelopes to recorded sequences and to function as a clock recorder. Of course the CV channels are well suited for all control voltages beiween -7V and 7V like envelopes, LFOs, joystick movements and others. The red channel selector switches allow you for record on each channel separately or together. Recording clocks is possible only when both channels are selected. Red LEDs show the channels´recording states.

Maximum recording time ranges from 4 seconds at a sample rate of44.1kHz up to 6 minutes at 400Hz. the sampling rate not only influences the duration of recording and it´s quality but also the playback speed. In "signal thru" mode the module can be used as a sample rate reducer for creating lofi-sounds.

Playback can be one-shot, triggered by a gate but the sample can be looped as well. The start point and end point of sample playback or of the loop is set with the according controls and CVs "loop start" and "loop end". The playback direction is set with a switch between forward, backward and pendulum mode.

A pulse at the Trig/Reset jack resets the sample playback to the position set by the loop start knob in loop mode. In One shot mode a pulse at the Trig/Reset jack starts the sample playback at the loop start point and plays it to the end loop point as set by the start and end knobs.  In Gate mode the recording will play for as long as the Trig/Reset jack is held high (5V) and will loop at the current start and end settings.

The Rec/Trig button has different functions depending on the position of the playback switch.

HE: 3
TE: 10
Depth: 43
Power consumption +12V: 90
Power consumption -12V: 10
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