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Midi-Filter and or -modifier in 10 different definitions (EP) or 32 definitions (EP plus) at... more
Product information "Midisolutions Eventprocessor / plus"

phase out model. Sales only as long as stock lasts.

The Eventprocessor is a programmable tool to fix any kind of problem you could have in MIDI communication just with this piece of hardware. The simple eventprocessor yet can filter, vary, extract, compress or modify somehow up to 10 different incoming Midi-informations at the same time. The Eventprocessor plus can handle up to 32 !!

Midi-Filter and or -modifier in 10 different definitions (EP) or 32 definitions (EP plus) at the same time, programming and power supply over MIDI-IN. To program the unit there is a free editor for PCs available but you can also make it over hexacodes (please see manual). Power supply is handled over the Midi-In, the programming will last in the unit forever except you will change it(!).

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