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Manfred Fricke has been creating video and audio devices since the 1970s from his workshop in Berlin. His no-frills and affordable synthesizers and drum machines are quite popular and have a number of dedicated adepts.

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180192_1 MFB - Tanzbär 2
Tanzbär 2 is a hybrid drum computer with eight analog and eight sample-based sounds. Its blue color alone makes common clones of old rhythm machines look rather dull. True to its design, the sound is very modern and can be tweaked in...
€979.00 *
Net price: €822.69

Currently not available

160264_1 MFB - VCF-SED
The VCF-SED module is a voltage controllable low pass filter as a s ingle e nded d iscrete design, using transistors that can be driven into clippng zone for a great sound.
€78.00 *
Net price: €65.55

Not available anymore