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As Eric Barbour lost his day-job by the late 1990s, he decided to apply his vast knowledge and expertise in vacuum tubes to make noise making instruments. By now he has earned a reputation of creating some of the most nasty sounding instruments. Not for the faint of heart.

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Metasonix Netzteil Metasonix Netzteil
PSU for Metasonix TM series.
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160109_1 Metasonix RK1 - Noisedrum
This drum voice of the powerful kind combines tube technology with a high-frequency noise diode in order to produce deep-fried, mercilesssly ass-kicking snare and cymbal sounds. Nothing for relaxing music but who the heck does expect...
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160110_1 Metasonix RK2 XS-VCA
The ultimate vacuum tube VCA which can be more, for instance a pre-amp with 30dB gain, an amplifier for stereo and signal-cancelling effects and/or an extreme distortion effect. It can be gentle with a moderate bit of tube distortion but...
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170016_1 Metasonix RK3 Ringer / Shaper
The RK3 Ringer / Shaper is based on circuits of the Metasonix classics R-53 and TM-1. It utilizes a 14B11 “Compactron” pentode to process sound. This kind of tube was originally meant for TV sets, not audio applications. Heart of the RK3...
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170017_1 Metasonix RK4 Filter / VCO
The RK4 is a compact version of the unfortunately no longer available R-54 Supermodule. Like the older brother, it can be used as an oscillator and bandpass filter. During VCO operation, the RK4 emits an exceptionally clean sine wave,...
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180340_1 Metasonix RK6 Resonant Lowpass Filter
Often customers ask me how to add some warmth to a digital signal or sample. I never really had an answer ready, because many devices saturate and distort nicely but lack in delivering on precisely this cliché. When it comes down to it,...
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200053_1 Metasonix RK7 VCO
Stubborn, loud, unruly and abnormal are just a few adjectives to describe Metasonix modules. If you're looking for a precise Thru-Zero oscillator with perfect tracking over five octaves and as pure waveforms as possible, you've come to...
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