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With a decade of background offering DIY workshops, Leaf Audio's Microphonic Soundbox doesn't leave anyone indifferent. 

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180121_1 Leaf Audio - Microphonic Soundbox MKII
Are you ready for some sound exploration? – The Microphonic Soundbox is an electro-acoustic instrument for musicians who love to experiment. The compact wooden case features metal rods, springs, a sandpaper surface and a Kalimba, all of...
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200301_1 Leaf Audio - Microphonic Soundbox MKII Add-On...
The Add-On Pack extends the Microphonic Soundbox with a handful of useful items. These can be easily attached to the soundbox and removed again if necessary thanks to the included mounting parts. To say it in Carlos words: A lot more...
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Net price: €23.53

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