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Landscape is all about tactile interfaces and anyone who grew up listening to cassettes will want to have a HH-TC.

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200482_1 Landscape - All Flesh (Pack of 10)
Wireless patching through touchplates
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190329_1 Landscape - HC-TT (V2)
HC-TT is short for Human Controlled Tape Transport. - In other words, you can play cassettes by hand. Version 2 has two transport controllers. This allows you to move an unmodified tape forward and backward. In combination with the Mute...
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170127_1 Landscape - Stereo Fields
Atonal musical instrument – Stereo Fields is an experimental synthesizer, effects unit and CV controller. The machine comes equipped with two signal generators respectively processors, which are “playable” via touch plates. Its sound...
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200252_1 Landscape -Soundwich
Piezo-pickup, switch, trigger-generator, audio/CV-router...and shaker! Based around piezo-pickups and some passive filters the Soundwich can do a lot of things. Ideal if you want to start experimenting with these techniques.
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