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Andrew Kilpatrick has been around since 2008 and seeing the Carbon sequencer or the Phenol synthesizer, we can only but agree to his statement. "We make nice things".

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160104_1 Kilpatrick Audio - Banana to 3.5mm adaptor...
Users of modular systems with banana jacks know the problem when integrating their synth with gear using 3.5mm sockets: an adaptor module takes module space, an external box sucks even more. In this case the adaptor cables by Kilpatrick...
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160165_1 Kilpatrick Audio - Carbon
Polyphonic, ultra-versatile six-track sequencer for MIDI and CV/gate with intuitive operation due fo a flat menu structure. Patterns an be easily recorded step by step or in realtime and afterwards altered with the creative remix...
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Net price: €621.01

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190001_1 Kilpatrick Audio K4816 Pattern Generator...
The Kilpatrick K4816 is an extended Buchla 200e version of the K4815 - as known from Eurorack and is also a relative of the Carbon standalone sequencer. Instead of manipulating sequences perstep with dials, you set patterns, scales and...
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