Kilpatrick Audio K1600 Midi/CV Interface

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Polyphonic control If you are looking for a way to control two or more oscillators via MIDI... more
Product information "Kilpatrick Audio K1600 Midi/CV Interface"

Kilpatrick´s K1600 is a duophonic MIDI/CV converter module. It converts your MIDI signals into control voltages, gates, triggers, gates

Polyphonic control

If you are looking for a way to control two or more oscillators via MIDI for playing big fat analog chords, the K1600 can take you there. Its two CV/gate outputs can work in split keyboard or duo-phonic mode. But if you install multiple K1600s in your system, you can support 4, 6, 8 or more voices of polyphony simply by daisy-chaining the modules together. The intelligent voice-priority algorithm makes multiple units behave as one. So stop thinking of modular synthesis as monophonic... polyphony is closer than you think!


The K1600 also acts as an expansion module for other Kilpatrick Audio modular products which support the internal MIDI header. This includes the K4815 Pattern Generator, which contains a full MIDI implementation in addition to the existing analog connections.

  • MIDI soft-thru for daisy-chaining multiple units
  • Quick programming with MIDI learn function
  • Multi-channel and split-keyboard support for independent control of different outputs
  • Polyphonic CV/gate output - duophonic support with a single K1600
  • Polyphonic mode with 4, 6, 8, etc. voices using multiple K1600s
  • CV pitch bend support
  • Four drum trigger outputs
  • Continuous controllers (CC) mappable to any CV/gate or trigger output

Module requires an additional 5V voltage!

HE: 3
TE: 12
Power consumption +5V: 20
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