Kenton - MIDI STREAM (Wireless MIDI)

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MidiStream has been designed specifically to address the problems unique to MIDI data transfer.... more
Product information "Kenton - MIDI STREAM (Wireless MIDI)"

The Kenton Midi Stream allows for easy-to-use transmitting any MIDI data via radio

The system consists of a compact transmitter of the size of a cigarette box and a receiver which can be rackmounted. Thus it´s perfectly suited to use a portable keyboard without cables live on stage.

MidiStream has been designed specifically to address the problems unique to MIDI data transfer. It combines a high data rate with imperceptible latency and low dropout rate. Should dropouts occur due to going out of range or interference from other sources, MidiStream is designed to handle these events without leaving notes stuck on.

All MIDI data at the transmitters' input are sent identically to the receiver's output, MIDI notes, Clock, SysEx, Program changes, anything.

Range is at least 80 metres (260 feet) outdoors in ideal conditions, or at least 30 metres indoors. The UK/EU version works on a data-only frequency of 869.85 Mhz which will not interfere with radio microphones.

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"Kenton - MIDI STREAM (Wireless MIDI)"
MIDI Stream auf Kentons Seite;; englische Bedienungsanleitung für EU-Geräte (pdf);
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